SMARTS Network Re-engineer the Token Stacks

Tokenized services layer for the "Internet of Tokens"
Framework and underlying protocol for the next-iteration of the blockchain 3.0 and Token Ecosystem.

How SMARTS Network affects decentralised economy

Cryptocurrency platform unites systems and brings synergy

Building a frictionless and secured multi-token service synergies by strongly re-engineering utility token holders with a new token value and deploying decentralized Token-based applications established upon a smart machine architecture capable of gathering real time feedback. The future is already here - it's only not evenly distributed

  • Combined smart contract Innovation in Permissionless Economics
  • Leverage Emergent Property Ignite the project but the platform will be driven by the token economy and will continue to develop and grow on its own.
  • Of the crowd, for the crowd and by the crowd Designed and generated in a decentralized and autonomous way.

Vision of SMARTS Network

Re-engineer the Token Economy with Smart Multi Assets combined with AiDAO

AiDAO SMARTS Network is setting out an overriding long-term objective that serves as a North Star for the many segments of the Token Economy.

  • To offer a viable possibility for fusing token communities, providing more value and the ability to continue to gradually increase token co-dependency within Blockchain.
  • To strive in being open to an intense learning process, quickly and effectively internalizing lessons that allow for the timely execution of course corrections.
  • To serve as the AI powered engine to search and select credible token assets that can serve both as strong utilities and as widely acceptable store of value for reserve holdings.


SMARTS Network

Automatic "market maker" mechanism

A built-in automatic "market maker" mechanism within SMARTS (operated by their smart contract) guarantees they will never face a liquidity risk which will promote social and financial inclusion.

Unprecedented rapid decentralized transaction

SMARTS combines blockchain with neural networks and machine learning to automate supply according to the predictions, relying on the smart contract, guaranteeing an unprecedented speed.

Utility Value Changers

The ability to access multiple utilities enables the creation of "Utility Value Changers". SMARTS Protocol enables applications to adapt to a variety of Tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and more.

Combined synergy of tokens

Newly re-engineered multi-tokens combining several individual utility tokens. There will be a fixed ratio for SMARTS which is much easier and more secure, i.e. a combined token will be manifested in a fixed ratio.

Customized smart contract in system

Smart contracts customized with tailored rules yet are able to be processed uniformly within a standard wallet.

Anonymity, encryption of Blockchain privacy

Completely free from unauthorized intrusion or observation. Symmetric-key cryptography assures the security of information recorded on a blockchain.

Decentralized Exchange Market

Huge Growing field of
Blockchain Industry

Growing percentage of decentralized exchange


The number of transactions in decentralized exchange


Volume of trading in decentralized exchange


SMARTS Network

How it Works

Tokens Selection

With the help of AiDAO, using Artificial Intelligent as well as the wisdom of the crowd, We select tokens that has the potentials to create synergy to combine and create SMARTS

Smarts DAO

For each combination of tokens that can provide extended services, a SMARTS DAO is form to facilitate the token usage.

Smarts Token Deployment

Deploy Smarts Token use our secure and cutting edge smart contract. You can send the relevant underlying tokens to the smart contract and you will automatically receive your smart tokens.

Smarts Usage

After receiving Smarts token, you can use your smarts token for purchasing relevant product and services, and enjoy the benefits of token economics.

Mobile app

SMARTS Network integrates with AiDAO

SMARTS Network integrates with DAOdeep: looking inside the token for its underlying ability to be synergistic with other tokens (via deep dive utility studies of SMARTS.NETWORK token portfolios) -  truly understanding utility interactions of entire token structure/module and its functions for repositioning isolated tokens into high utility platforms. In that way, SMARTS is a flagship of innovation for the betterment of human condition. It reflects a fundamental change in thinking, mindset, strategy, ways of consumption, working and in education; as well as introducing innovation to agriculture, industrial and manufacturing realms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is decentralized exchange?

    A decentralized exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange which operates in a decentralized way, i.e., without a central authority. Decentralized exchanges allow peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies.

  • How could I use SMARTS Network?

    You could make an account in AiDAO wallet, purchase DAO token and then in the swap center, you could swap tokens and access to SMARTS Network system. (2018 Q4)

  • What is AiDAO wallet?

    The multi token DAO wallet allows users to store their DAO tokens provide frictionless access to multiple decentralised utilities. Allowing for programmable friction free access to decentralised stack. The wallet will operate on leading phone and computer platforms, giving the user a seamless experience in its operation whatever the platform.

  • How could I buy AiDAO token?

    Private first initial coin offering has finished, please contact for further information.